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​焼肉レストラン 庵吉祥

Located along the belt highway in Gifu City, this restaurant was remodeled using the 'Stripe Modern' design concept. Because the existing building structure was re-used、it was environmentally sound。
The architectural design was very simple – the exterior and interior walls were painted black, then painted over once again with other colors in keeping with the design concept. It may sound rough, but the color scheme is appropriate for this concept.
The exterior stripes, drawing big arcs, truly describe the beauty of the SUKIYA architectural format, while creating an impact on the entire building.
The interior stripes, crossing vertically and horizontally, create a sense of rhythm throughout the entire space. Furthermore, the stripe design looks more impressive with the length of the shadows from the lighting. Finally, the image of An-Kissho was outlined by the 'stripe' - a symbol that completed the three-dimensional architectural layout, while connecting the interior and exterior of the building.

Fujimura Design Studio: Masuo Fujimura

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