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The Stepup Chair isn’ t just a high-backed chair, it’ s a piece of furniture that can also be used as a bookshelf step-ladder. It can be used for hang- ing clothes on, or in any other creative ways the owner might imagine. It’ s a beautiful work of art that can serve multiple functions, and a neve- rbefore-seen, brand new concept in the world of home furnishings.

A bookshelf can cover an entire wall, and as such the design of the book- shelf becomes the defining characteristic of that space. However,the des- ign of the functional and indispensible stepladder always seemed to be lacking something. So, on this occasion I decided to use the stepladder as the focal point, and by combining the stepladder with the function of a chair, I was able to create an item that can lend a fresh new atmosphere to any space. Thus, the Stepup Chair was born, a high-backed chair that is a fusion of both functionality and art. 

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